2 types in the UK: Oriental and German
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German Cockroach - Blattella germanica

Oriental Cockroach - Blatta orientalis

While foraging on the floor, around drains and in waste areas, cockroaches acquire a range of pathogens. These pathogens can then be transferred to human food and food preparation surfaces as the cockroaches crawl around kitchens and catering areas. The cockroaches themselves can then become contaminants of food products.

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What to look for...


Cockroaches can breed at a rapid rate. The German Cockroach ( Blattella germanica) for instance, produces more egg cases and has more generations than any other cockroach, 4 to 6 cases with each containing 30 to 40 eggs hatching in 28 to 40 days! Only a few individuals are needed to develop into troublesome infestations.

An integrated professional approach is required to control difficult infestations. A DIY approach seldom works and is often doomed to failure resulting in the loss of time and money.

Our Solutions

We offer 3 primary control methods for Cockroaches.

- Advanced gel control. This is the most effective way to control Cockroaches.

- Residual spray. A quick fix for lower level infestations.

- Heat treatment and housekeeping. A sustainable solution.

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