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How could pests impact your industry?
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Protecting food prep areas from rodents and insects in line with industry standards. Multipest provide report book folders showing activity levels, resolutions and risk assessments to demonstrate due diligence in an environmental health inspection.

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Hotel & leisure

Bedbugs spread quickly through large areas. Multipest can help identify issues before they get out of hand through insect monitoring systems. If something does need attention we offer both traditional insecticide treatments and non-toxic high temperature control solutions. In a business environment that can give peace of mind to customers with allergies and sensitivities.

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Clothes Moths feed on natural fibres. Whether you’re selling carpets or corsets, we can control this both reactively, through insecticides and heat treatments. Or preventatively, through hormonal control systems that maintain levels of moths indefinitely.

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Warehouse and distribution

Rats and mice don’t just eat food. They gnaw on cardboard and packaging constantly to maintain their oral health. The contaminate materials with urine and droppings. Don’t let this impact your business. However big or small - Multipest can identify gaps both above and below ground that permit rats passage into a building. Whatever you're delivering, we'll make sure you stay in control of the added extras.

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Summer Attractions

From music festivals to theme parks... Flying insects will be present, particularly in summer.
Multipest can install wasp deterrents in high footfall areas. Fly control units on the premises. Whilst maintaining these, we’ll identify any issues and treat them swiftly and effectively.

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We all know how important connectivity is to businesses. Rodents chew on cables presenting both a security and fire risk. Damage to your network can cause major disruption on both an operational and revenue perspective. Digital pest management alerts us to rodent presence in real time. So even when you’re sleeping, we’re not.

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