Various reports of how bad the sting is. Most importantly be aware of allergies.
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Wasps - Vespula germanica

  • A pest of summer that gathers in large structures called nests.
  • Have the ability to carry out a painful sting. Some people are allergic and this can present complications.
  • Attracted to sugary foods and wooded areas to build their nests.
  • We don't treat bees! Contact us and we'll try and find you a beekeeper who can move the hive safely.

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Signs of a bedbug infestation

Fast facts

Seasonal? Yes June- October

Food: They chew wood to make their nests. As the year draws on, they become more aggressive as food becomes harder to find and the more dominant wasps remain to become queens.

Did you know? Most colonies only survive one season, they do not re-use old nests. So once the season finishes, a new nest must be built.

Collective Noun: Swarm (of wasps)

The forming of a nest

  • Usually found in dark, dry places.
  • Lofts are particularly popular, in the overhang of the roof (eaves).
  • Made of wood fibre which is stuck together using saliva from the wasp.
  • In each cell of a nest - the queen lays a single egg. The time taken for this to become a wasp is anywhere between 4-6 weeks.
  • Warm, dry springs enhance the likelihood of nest formation.
  • Another queen may try to steal the nest, this tends to be possible when fewer than 10 worker wasps have formed. This is why many nests remain small (golf ball size) and never need wasp nest treatment or wasp nest removal.

Distinctive black and yellow colour. Aggressive if threatened and around food sources. Feed on a range of insects such as ants and can be useful in killing many other garden insect pests.

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Get ahead of summer

In early summer and spring we can inspect lofts, remove dormant nests and install UV Control units to hinder queens searching for areas to build nests

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Wasp nest treatment

Where necessary nests are treated and then wasp activity reduces within 72 hours. After this period the nest is dormant and does not pose a hazard.

Treatment is conducted from the loft or ground. It is not safe to treat nests from ladders given the aggressive nature of wasps. For nests in awkward to reach or tricky locations - we have access equipment which helps us complete the task.

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Wasp Nest Removal

After treatment, the nest is then safe to approach and can be removed (location dependant). Remember, this is purely aesthetic, a correctly treated nest will never house wasps again.

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