We all have a part to play to protect the world we inhabit.
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Responsible Pest Control: Sustainability and Efficiency

Here's the situation - you've seen a rat in your house. Most of our customers just want the problem gone. Ethics and sustainability aren't necessarily at the front of their minds.

Here's why we think it should be...

‚ÄčMultipest are part of the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU). This campaign legislates for stewardship over using rodenticide.

  • Not just 'dumping' poison in our clients premises, forgetting about it, not labelling where it is. Preventing a bad smell sometime down the line.
  • 3 step solution which prioritises finding gaps and access points over temporary control. Survey -> Identify ->Solve.
  • Checking on any rodenticide we have to place at a maximum frequency of 31 days.
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By abiding to these controls - we reduce the likelihood of secondary poisoning. Where non-target species hunting rats and mice become intoxicated by poisons ingested by rodents. Owls and red kites are examples of this. Plus - less poison in the world is never a bad thing.

And guess what? By reducing usage - we save money on costly rodenticides and by taking time to find access points - we solve our customer issues in the long run.

‚ÄčIn the end both these outcomes save our customers money, and you're less likely to call us again. We won't be offended!

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